The Conspiracy of Longevity | A trailer for a film made for my project "The Conspiracy of Longevity"


Creators Award | An application for a Creators Award from Pollen8


Athens 2017 | A short travel film from my adventure to Athens.


Being Butcher | Design research at Smithfield meat market led us to discover the closed off, exceptionally masculine nature of the local Butcher profession. Through interviewing Butchers and sellers at the famous market in London, we scripted the dialogue, held a workshop for actors to create their own butcher character and brought back filmed performances for butchers to critique, in the hope to intervene and infiltrate the environment.


Weaver | An explainer animation for a home-improvements start-up.


The Conspiracy of Longevity | A feature-length film as a part of my project "The Conspiracy of Longevity"


Grime Pays | A short trailer for a longer film, documenting the "Grime Pays" project ran by Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation, getting young people off the streets and into beats.


Budapest 2017 | A documentary film of my travels to Budapest.


Brazil 2016 | Pernambuco ~ A documentary film of my travels around Pernambuco in the Northeast of Brazil. Recife | Olinda | Caruaru | Gravatá | Porto de Galinhas


Brazil 2016 | Rio de Janeiro ~ Another documentary film of my travels around Brazil; here I spent a few days in Rio de Janeiro.


Bestival 2016 | A film from music festival Bestival


Bulgaria 2016 | A travel film from my trip to Bulgaria


Superhuman / An experiment in discovering the Superhuman; what if superpowers were the ordinary? By storyboarding and experimenting with low-res model making and pre-production effects we aimed to design a narrative that could show force fields as a part of the every day.


Escape Committee | A film made over the course of 24 hours; attempting to escape the London housing crisis by taking advantage of existing systems and structures already available to the public. Essentially, living in London without a owning a home.


Double Negative | is a track by up-and-coming music group Fictonian; I was commissioned to create an illustrative, flip book style video by the group, creating the illustrations based on the lyrics.