the conspiracy of longevity web


A website made to showcase my feature-length documentary film, The Conspiracy of Longevity, produced by Pedro Dias.


Artboard 1 copy@3x.png

The website was created to reflect the way in which the movie was created; fragmented and disassociated with the actual experience of watching a (cinematic) film, reflecting the way in which we view videos today, ie. often minute long videos on social media, satisfying our need for instant content. Thus, the film appears to a larger audience, and more easily, as the watching the film seems like less of a daunting task if it's split into smaller chunks.

The Visual Identity

The visual identity was created using the identity that already existed for this project, The Conspiracy of Longevity, using the askew title design, font pairing and colours. These design elements can be seen through the project and the film itself.


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