the voluntary milking system


A speculative "work" programme designed during my final year university project The Conspiracy of Longevity, produced by Pedro Dias.

Inside the speculative futuristic office booth I constructed for my final year university project, an interactive programme is on offer. The programme aims to “milk” users of their time and data in an arcade-game like manner - arcades being pretty much a system of willingly giving your time, money and energy for little in return; high input, little output. The purpose is for it to feel a bit pointless, to feel like you’ve wasted your time and energy but to simultaneously feel of some worth, that you have contributed something to a system.

The programme is composed of 5 randomly generated questions, those of which are extremely simple and allude to the simple things we do day to day on our computers and the internet, particularly on social media, such as double tapping a heart or entering passwords and numbers over and over again. Much like we are the willing, unpaid, employees of Facebook and Instagram, contributing with our own content day to day, our data is perhaps all we can and all we want to give in the future of work. Perhaps our data and time online will be something that’s used as currency in a “post-capitalist” world.

Artboard 1@4x.png

The Process of Creating the Visual Identity

The visual identity was created through researching the style of arcade games and automated robotic milking machines at farms I visited. Through gathering this visual research, I ideated and prototyped until I reached this final, kind of retro, visual identity. 

Alongside the retro blue and pink colour scheme, the font pairing is significant in the visual identity, the body typeface especially, it alluding to your typical computer mono fonts that are seen in PCs and behind-the-scenes of technology. 


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